Why Xo, The Lush Life lipglosses?

Why Xo, The Lush Life lipglosses?

Hey Beauty! We are so happy you are here and joining us on Xo, The Lush Life journey. You may be wondering why you need our lipglosses (LUSH GLOSSES) and we have 3 reasons why you'll be upgrading your lipgloss very soon. 


Having soft and luscious lips is everyone's dream, right? Our glosses are formulated to make your lips softer, smooth and moisturized while you wear. Because of its moisturizing component, you won't have those dreadful white lines between your lips that is a build up of dead skin. 


We can all agree that we detest lipglosses that are tacky. Lush Glosses are formulated to be light weight, however, you get the high shine you desire. 


You shouldn't have to apply a ton of product to see some colour on your lips. With Lush Glosses, you get all the pigment you need in one swipe, seriously! If you don't believe us, try them for yourself.

Need anymore convincing that our glosses are right for you or you need help choosing a colour? Send us an email info@xothelushlife.com or DM us on Instagram @xothelushlifebeauty 

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