Make Your Lipgloss Last Longer

Make Your Lipgloss Last Longer

Most of us love the creamy, juicy goodness of a lipgloss. While we love a glossy pout, we can't deny that it can be challenging to make it last. But don't worry beauties! We have some easy fixes to make your gloss last longer. 

#1 Exfoliate!

We've all had those embarrassing moments where our gloss came off due to flaky lips. To correct this, exfoliate! Exfoliating 1-2 times per week removes dead skin cells from your lips giving you a smoother base to apply your gloss.

#2 Apply Some Primer

Priming your lips is no different than priming your face to allow your foundation to last longer. Lip primer gives you gloss some extra stay. PS: you can use a dab of concealer or foundation to replace a lip primer. 

#3 Layer Products

Applying a lip liner or lipstick not only boost the colour of your gloss but it also allows it to stay on longer. To create a monochromatic lip, use a lip liner or lipstick close to your gloss shade. For an ombre effect, use a darker lip liner or lipstick and apply your gloss in the middle. 

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