2022 Makeup Trends

2022 Makeup Trends

2020 was the skincare boom. In 2021, many people  started to explore the world of makeup again, but with a minimalistic approach. Makeup that allowed the skin to breath, give a skin like appearance and didn't cover all the skin "flaws" so to speak, was desired. This year, everyone is ready to fully immerse themselves in the world of makeup and most of the trends are BOLD! Not to fear our minimalistic beauties, there are trends for you that you'll absolutely love. From the glitz of Y2K to minimalism, these are the trends of 2022:

Bright Eye Makeup

Pic via Versace

While in recent years many makeup lovers have gravitated to a subtle eye makeup, going into 2022, it is all about bold colours. This trend can be seen all over social media. A bold eye makeup may include a dramatic liner, glitter or any bold colour in your eyeshadow palette. Beauties, we think this trend is here to stay!

90s Defined Lips

Pic via Pinterest

We are travelling back to the 90s with this trend. A well defined lip using a lip liner will take over 2022. You'll see many replicating the deep liner with a soft/light lip colour in the middle. Sheer lipsticks and lip glosses instead of mattes will be essential for this trend.

Our So Nude lipglosses is perfect for this trend.

Bold Lips

Pic via Pinterest

There will be a lot of bold makeup in 2022. So, it is no surprise that bold lips will be making a comeback, especially, a strong red lip. Drawing from the Parisians with minimal eye makeup, an effortless base while wearing a statement red lip,  the wearer is bound to be effortlessly chic.

You're Obsessed our red gloss that gives you pigment in one swipe.

Statement Blush

Pic via Pinterest

In 2021, the purple blush made it rounds due to its popularity on Tik Tok. In 2022 we'll see a lot more statement blush tones that will be used for contouring - thanks to the makeup tutorials that we saw in 2021. 


Pic via Pinterest

Minimalistic beauty isn't going anywhere. If COVID has taught us anything thing, it is that we don't need a lot of makeup. We saw in 2020 and 2021 that  tinted moisturizers and foundations that offers light coverage were the most sought after products. Beauty needs have changed and those changes includes products that give breathability and a skin like appearance. 

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