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Hear From Our Customer: Best Gloss Ever!

BEST gloss ever! Goes on super smooth. Smells divine. No sticky residue or thick feel to it. Blends on my lips SO well. Eye can't brag enough about this gloss. Eye want every woman in the world to own it. Did eye mention how long it last on your lips!? 🥰🥰 it was an hr later and eye still had the same amount of gloss eye started with. Usually my glosses vanish quickly...but this one holds on strong. My lips appreciate these glosses, thank you for creating them 💛.

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Hear From Our Customer: These Lashes Got Me Laid

The review title said it all. A guy actually commented on my lashes. Men don’t really notice these things but it says a lot about these lashes! They’re so soft and comfortable, and I wore them for a month. As long as you take care of them, they’ll last a really long time. Which is SUPER easy to do with the amazing little travel case these lashes come in!! Definitely recommending these to every girl out there and will be purchasing more myself 💛

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